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MON - daily! - DIT: Uncut and Uncensored [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
DIT is dead; long live DIT!

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MON - daily! [Jun. 12th, 2006|12:18 pm]
DIT is dead; long live DIT!
what are you wearing? still in pjs :x Hey, im in Jackson, Im gonna relax since I dont have anything to do lol.
hair is? down, messy
makeup/jewlery? none/diamond pendant, aquamarine ring, engagement ring
listening to? the TV is on in the other room....I think
last thing you ate/drank? doughnut/coke I guess I'm relaxing on the diet, too. Yeah that should stop....
what are you doing today/tonight? laying out by the pool and swimming, maybe cleaning up the apartment a little/cook dinner, just hang out probably
what were you doing before you signed online? watching tv, on the phone
what are you doing after you sign off? getting cleaned up
something you want? to be married already
something you need? to be married already
if you could be anywhere right now where? i am where I want to be :)
thinking about? that theres a milllllllllllllion things i should be doing but i just dont care today.
last thing you bought? hmm....um lunch for both of us yesterday. im nice like that lol.
what are you thankful for? being in jackson, opportunity, how lucky i am, how lucky jared and i are, that we have so much already, this apartment, the POOL lol, being humbled by how gracious and loving all of our friends and families are being with the wedding/marriage